How It Works

Pixels Sold

600 Pixels

Pixels Available

999400 Pixels

Blocks Until Next Draw

94 Blocks

Winnings Paid

  • Choose Your Pixels

    Identify the pixels on the website wehre you want to place your lifetime advert. Remember, adverts in more prominent positions, such as the top or center of the page are likely to get more clicks.

  • Create Your Graphic Advert

    Create a graphic advert for the size of the pixels you want to buy. Your advert will need to be the exact size for the amount of pixels you are ordering. We can accept JPG, PNG or GIF extensions - but please note, we do not allow animated gifs on The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage.

  • Place Your Order

    Visit the Buy Pixels page to place your order. You will need to supply us with your BTC address and email (these can't be changed so make sure you get them right first time), your graphic advert, website link, title/ALT text and the axis of hwere you would like your advert positioned on the homepage. Once all the required information is ready, please send the Bitcoin payment to the wallet address that is provided after form submission.

  • Within 24 Hours We Will Place Your Advert

    Once your order has been received, we verify that all of your details are correct and conform with our terms and conditions then we will place your advert on the homepage of the site within 24 hours of your submission. For any orders that don't conform with our terms and conditions we will contact you at the provided email address to let you know what needs changing.

  • We Market The Website

    For every 100 pixels that you purchase, we set aside 20% for marketing of The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage Website. 10% goes in to the prize fund for the next 100 blocks, and the remaining 70% is split between the two websites owners.

  • Wait For The Next Draw

    Every 100 pixels you purchase buys you one entry in to the draw for every 100 blocks we sell - for life! The more pixels you buy, the more chance you have of winning 0.10 BTC when each draw is initiated. A winner is picked every 100 blocks (10000 pixels) that we sell and are chosen using a random number generator.

  • Winners Get Paid By Bitcoin

    If you win we will email you to notify you that your pixels were chosen and will pay to your registered BTC address only. We post all winners on the previous winners page, including transaction, BTC address and winners name for transparency. Winners also get a link back to their website from the "Previous Winners" page.